Sound-movement as a physical resonance of music.
Dance, as a vibration of the living soul of the music.

Music is the force that awakes spirits of life, that which moves, concerns, caresses, upsets and tells me who I am.

Speaking as a musician, to express oneself through music, improvising with spontaneity and directness is like a healing process.

Now, to express oneself with the body – to DANCE – is really to use the body as an instrument, it is still the language of the soul.

In African dance, there is a natural and very close link between playing and dancing. The musicians dances with their minds and the dancers play with their body. One is guiding the other in a continuous interaction. Both me and Petra has studied African dance for many years in Sweden, France and in Africa.

Workshop in Spain, May 2013

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Daniels workshop in Vingåker 2012

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Performing at a wedding, summer 2012

students shows 2010/2011

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