The aim is to make music that searches for, lives in or comes out of FREEDOM. - which is the meaning of the word - LIBERATION.

The aim of Mukti records is not to produce one or two genres of music, - it is to have a way towards, to move into FREEDOM,LIBERATION

One record might be JAZZ, full of airy improvisations - or ruthless impressions of concrete citys - another might have influences from - or be traditional - AFRICAN music, with rhythms touching the body - some might be FREE FORM - avant-gardeish, soundexplosives - or we might be travelling towards “mother INDIA“, dreaming under an eternal sun - shining over ancient cultures - or even occidental CLASSICAL music -

you don´t know - we don’t know - So - When you get the music from MUKTI records - it will be good for you to check out our contents-lists first, to get what you really want…