Ljud / something in between Beehag Yaman with a scent of Purya *

While singing this piece, I didn't have any particular raga in mind (something that I usually have). I made this music for a friend that needed it in a special time in his life... Initially it has the same notes as Abudh Kalayan of the Dagarbani tradition. However, one of it's most revered masters pointed out that only his family sings that particular raga (so, I can't claim I am doing it). Furthermore, at the third part I suddenly add suddha MA, a note that is completely abscent in Abudh Kalayan - in fact, both MA and PA is omitted. So, what to call this music? It has (in my opinion) a SCENT of all these ragas, Beehag, Yaman, Purya and Abudh Kalayan, but it is definitively none of them - it is only music... (sang in a Dhrupadish way)